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Wrath & Glory Pre-Order Bonus Content: Cover Posters and Galaxy Map

Now that you’ve seen the cover art for the three main products, the Core RulesDark Tides, and the Starter Set, we can announce something else we’ll be adding to your Wrath & Glory pre-order package.


Nile Empire Preview #6 – Doctor Mobius, High Lord of the Nile Empire

This week we take a look at the High Lord of the Nile Empire, the evil and conniving Doctor Mobius!


Wrath & Glory Starter Set

Our pre-order is running for two more weeks, but we are starting to think ahead towards getting Wrath & Glory into your friendly local game store! With that in mind, we’d like to talk about a product that will be one of the first to arrive, the Wrath & Glory Starter Set.


Wrath & Glory Pre-Order Bonus: Table of Ultimate Gaming Discount!

Have you been worrying about having to put your money both into the new Warhammer 40,000 RPG and a fitting table to play it on? Worry no more!


Roll20 Drama Deck Now Available!

The Torg Eternity Drama Deck is now available for sale in the Roll20 Marketplace!


Nile Empire Preview #5 – Amaatism

The Nile Empire is the cosm with the second highest Spirit Axiom in Torg Eternity, and the primary religion that takes advantage of that axiom is Amaatism.


Wrath & Glory Designer Diary – June 2018

The Campaign Model

When I was offered the opportunity to craft the Wrath & Glory game line, I jumped at the chance. One of the reasons I was so excited about the prospect was that I could approach Wrath & Glory in a brand-new way. This idea started with the concept of a single, comprehensive core rulebook that would give players the basic rules they would need to play a wide variety of experiences in Warhammer 40,000. From there, I wanted to branch out using a specific, targeted model for the game line that I called “campaigns.”


Nile Empire Preview #4 – Magic: Pulp Sorcery

This week we take a look at those ‘less than subtle’ wizards of the Nile Empire, pulp sorcerers!!


Wrath & Glory Bonus Content – Ratlings

Our next bonus content reveal for the Wrath & Glory Pre-Order is Ratlings!


Nile Empire Preview #3 – Magic: Mathematics and Engineering

This week we take a look at the multitude of options for spellcasters from the Nile Empire. There are three different “types”:  mathematicians, engineers, and pulp sorcerers. The first two we’ll preview here. Pulp sorcery will come NEXT WEEK!  *cough*.  Sorry.


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